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A Remedy For High Cholesterol
In addition to lowering moderately elevated blood cholesterol levels, Soy Lecithin is used to relieve symptoms of liver disease such as loss of appetite and a feeling of pressure in the area of the liver.

In Asian medicine, the product is considered a remedy for chest fullness, fevers, fidgeting, and headache. Its effectiveness for these problems has not, however, been verified.

What It Is; Why It Works
Soy Lecithin binds chemically with cholesterol, thus reducing the amount of pure cholesterol in the bloodstream. The product is extracted from soy beans, the same crop used to produce soy sauce and tofu (soy bean curd).

Soy beans have tremendous medicinal potential. They contain estrogen-like compounds that, by taking the place of human estrogen, may ease symptoms of menopause and reduce the risk of estrogen-dependent tumors such as breast cancer.

Researchers have also discovered a soy ingredient called genistein that--at least in the laboratory--appears to curb the growth of tumors. Unfortunately, we still don't know the amount needed to provide a protective effect, or which soy-based foods are the richest sources.

In the meantime, at least the cholesterol-fighting role of Soy Lecithin is clear.

Soy Lecithin occasionally causes mild digestive upsets, such as stomach pain, loose stools, and diarrhea.

Soy Lecithin


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